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Sustainable Home Centre

Discover the future of sustainable solutions at Spinks

Installer training courses

We recognise the critical role installers play in the transition to renewable energy. That’s why we offer exclusive training courses aimed specifically at professionals looking to enhance their skills in renewable technology installation. Our course, the DUK-H11 Altherma 3 LT Monobloc (R32) Standard Installation Level 1, is tailored to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary for successful installations. This comprehensive, full-day course covers all standard installation requirements and start-up procedures, ensuring you’re well-prepared to meet your clients’ needs.

To reserve your spot, please email us at renewables@aespink.com

Explore our Doncaster Showroom

At Spinks, we understand the importance of making informed decisions about heating your home sustainably. Our Renewables Centre isn’t just a place for learning; it’s a showcase. Our showroom hosts a range of products to view, including the innovative Daikin Air Source Heat Pumps and more. It’s a unique opportunity to see these technologies in action, ask questions, and gain insights from our trained staff on how to transition your home to renewable energy.

About the course

Our course is a comprehensive training program designed for HVAC professionals, plumbers, and electricians eager to master the installation of Daikin’s Altherma 3 LT Monobloc systems. This full-day course encompasses an in-depth overview of the system, standard installation requirements, start-up procedures, hands-on experience through demonstrations, and emphasises sustainable practices and safety regulations. Tailored to equip participants with both the technical knowledge and practical skills needed in the renewable heating industry, this course is ideal for those looking to expand their service offerings or enhance their expertise in sustainable technologies, providing a significant competitive edge in the rapidly evolving market.

Dates available

Mark your calendars! Our upcoming training dates are as follows:

  • Friday 9th August
  • Friday 23rd August
  • Wednesday18th September
  • Wednesday 9th October
  • Wednesday 13th November
  • Wednesday 11th December

To reserve your spot, please email us.


Where are the courses held?

All courses and showroom visits take place at our dedicated facility:

A E Spink Ltd
Kelham Street

To reserve your spot, please email us.


What’s on display

The Spinks Sustainable Home Centre showcases an array of renewable technologies:

Heat pumps


Air Con

Hybrid Systems

Air purifications

To reserve your spot, please email us.


Join us at our sustainable home centre

Are you an installer ready to broaden your expertise? Our doors are open to help you achieve your goals.
To reserve your spot, please email us.


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